My Gallery

 Arthurs Seat and Salisbury Crags

Salisbury Crags

Hand Painted Slate Sets


 Scottish Wildlife



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  1. Derek Muller says:

    I like what you have done already. Well done


  2. Neil Lumsden says:

    Brilliant paintings and the colors are fantastic good luck with the reaming 279

  3. Sue Lane says:

    Hi Barbara, love the portraits…..can’t imagine who they are….!!! Was hoping to buy some cards of your mountains – do you have any for sale? Love Sue

  4. Julie says:

    Your paintings are brilliant, thank you so much! Keep up the good work, proud of you
    J xxxx

  5. Lovely stuff Babs!!

  6. Clare small says:

    Hi there I really like your paintings, I saw them in the cafe in Kings Road, I would love the originals but too expensive for me (I do realise they are worth it they are lovely). I just wondered if you sell prints of the large ones?


    • Hi Clare,

      Great to hear from you. If you like the originals, I would be prepared to discuss a price. I do have giclee mounted prints of all the animals, they are 25″ by 25″ and are £22 pounds each. If you would like to contact me my mobile number is 07703474208. Kind regards Barbara

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